Are you an athlete? Do you consider yourself ATHLETIC?

The biggest challenge, and the most important aspect of training is finding CONTEXT.

The Boxer thrives off the title of ‘Fighter’. ‘Football Player’ or ‘Tennis Player’; the most important part of being a professional sportsperson, is being a professional sportsperson! Sounds crazy, but is completely true. Context.

Over the last 10 years we have worked hard to create GYM ATHLETES. Lets look at the criteria:

  • You turn up
  • You train with maximum effort
  • You have a GOAL, or at least a NEED
  • Overall, training makes you feel good

We all miss sessions. We all sometimes feel weak, and put in poor performances. Sometimes our DESIRE is low, and we lose sight. We all love a cancelled session, or a strong reason NOT to train.

But we keep going. You do too.

Overall point is CONTEXT. By being a GYM ATHLETE, you give yourself a title, a role. You BELONG; you have a community – you are representing something bigger.

If you have trained for over 6 months, you’re a ‘Gym Athlete’.

Welcome to the club!!

Thanks for reading, hope these words gives you a boost.

EDITOR aka Big Ed! – FAZE

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