What do I need to EAT?   What am I missing??   Why is it so confusing!!!???   In our latest video series on YOU TUBE (4 parts) we give client @jonathonevans the full SYSTEM on HOW TO EAT FOR FITNESS!!   This is a REAL WORLD nutrition consultation with @jethrotrainer. We filmed this back in 2018 as part of a TRANSFORMATION challenge, to help launch our first www.fazetraining.com website.   The KEY topics in this video series:   The MOVING PARTS and the MINDSET required to understand all the DIET and NUTRITION systems DETAIL, how you can ELIMINATE junk Read More
CREATING GYM ATHLETES! Are you an athlete? Do you consider yourself ATHLETIC? The biggest challenge, and the most important aspect of training is finding CONTEXT. The Boxer thrives off the title of 'Fighter'. 'Football Player' or 'Tennis Player'; the most important part of being a professional sportsperson, is being a professional sportsperson! Sounds crazy, but is completely true. Context. Over the last 10 years we have worked hard to create GYM ATHLETES. Lets look at the criteria: You turn up You train with maximum effort You have a GOAL, or at least a NEED Overall, training makes you feel good Read More
What about sorting my food?? The classic request in FITNESS. It starts with a question, and is always backed up by a massive amount of addiional questions... Detail. Lets get you SET up with a very basic 101, when it Read More
Professional SPORTS conditioning and FITNESS coaching is essentially the same thing. On this blog and with the FAZE brand, we are on a mission to PROVE that to you. What does this mean.... There are SYSTEMS for training. Your GOAL, Read More
The GREEN system. Week 1 of your program, its essential you work in this zone. We recently had to break this down for a great client of ours. Below is the raw explanation.   To get your muscle prepped, you Read More


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