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Medical Limitations?

Do you feel like you need FULL SUPPORT for the initial 12 weeks? Come on down


Fat Loss / Medical Limitations

In November 2016 I made a life changing decision to quit everything, leave London where I grew up and relocate to Poole in Dorset. Not an easy thing to do. When I came here I was massively overweight, breathless, my whole body hugely inflated partly from medical steroids and medication and partly because I had given up on everything. I had had enough! Then I found coach Jethro. Since training under the FAZE MATRIX system, there have been big changes . I have lost 10″ off of my waist size. My chest size and general body mass and definition has changed a lot also.I still have a way to go, but we can now focus on the big picture. Its team work. One to one sessions that are affordable, and beneficial in every way. Jethro is someone who is there by text, email even video links of how to do exercises solo. Jethro has given me a tailored workout depending on my condition changing and adapting each workout to my immune system. Something very hard to find . If you would like to lose body fat, build muscle and get the most from sports performance look no further . Jethro is very friendly, approachable and professional in every way . I can not recommend highly enough .


Advanced Weights – Major Back Limitations

Faze gym is an excellent place to train. A micro gym right in the heart of Bournemouth Town Centre. It is clean, smart, quiet, has excellent equipment, everything you need for a great workout. I would highly recommend it for all types of training. I use it regularly to build up strength, to tone my body and to improve my posture. Since joining I feel so much better in myself and have a much more positive outlook. It is a great environment to train in and achieve your goals. It is available to use daily and has its own parking space. What more could you ask for!


Weight Loss – Minor Knee Issue, Diagnosed Seleriac

Faze Micro Gym is perfect… For one to one sessions, it feels like it’s my very own gym and I like the fact I don’t have an audience; like you get in large gym premises. Parking is a bonus ….as is the music selection. Amazing!! <Jethro> coaching style is highly motivational. It’s not just about exercise – you cover nutrition, lifestyle, hormones, and you know the body inside out. I feel very safe in a one to one environment, knowing you can spot immediately when I’m doing something wrong. That was always a big concern to me, either doing exercises at a gym or at home. I do feel more confident now but I’m still learning! I’m learning loads but still need support on my journey. The variance in training and fitness exercises is motivating – I feel I’m progressing every week. I like the 6 monthly reviews too – it’s good to see progress being measured. I need to have that. The lifestyle change was the most important transformation for me though. I didn’t expect it and it took me a while to realise it was down to all the coaching and training. The effect of proper fitness and nutrition on wellbeing cannot be underestimated.


COACHING can make you a WINNER!!


Before FAZE my training before this was pretty good, running, rowing, and the standard boxing classes with UWCB. I needed Jethro to help me strengthen my core and take my fitness to the next level as I prepared for UWCB boxing in March 2019. The results? Ah man, Jethro’s Training was great, We did weekly sessions covering a whole manner of exercises; we focused around intensity, to prepare me for my bout. We worked heavily on ring craft and mentality also. By the end of the sessions, I felt a country mile fitter, healthier and more prepared for the bout. I WON THE BOUT, SO I GOT EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED FROM JETHRO! I still use some of the techniques he taught me now in my fitness regime. I would recommend the FAZE MATRIX to anyone wishing to take up combat sports or prepare for a fight or match, Jethro is your man to work on getting that fitness and mentality ready. He really understands about the phases of of exercise and the power output bands, and can tailor the training top suit people needs and fitness level. Would highly recommend. WON BOUT BY TKO second round.


Why did I start with FAZE? Initially an improvement in athletic ability and sporting performance was my main goal and although I have been training on and off, for most of my adult life, along with paying competitive cricket; my fitness, performance and physique was below where I wanted it to be. Having trained with Jethro since March 2016 with a varied yet focused cycle of rolling 12 week sections broken down into pre season, in season and off season I have noticed a marked improvement in: Health, Strength, Appearance, Fitness and ‘On field’ performance Jethro has extensive training knowledge so I would recommend Faze to anyone who is committed and wants to make a significant health and fitness change, at any level. BENCH PRESS FROM 80kg to 110 (and rising!) TRAINING ONLINE AND IN PERSON @ fazemicrogym


In 2018 I needed to get my fitness and strength up, as I was getting ready to get into the NAVY. My dad recommended Jethro, so I went to the FAZE MICRO GYM. I have to say my fitness and core was in a pretty awful state, and my mood and confidence was badly affected. We trained together for 15 weeks, I have to say the initial sessions were hellish! As it was a military level required, he had to push me. That said it was always safe and there were always mild alternatives to stuff. The result. By week 12 I felt like a machine! I not only passed with flying colours, the basic training and fitness lifestyle of the new recruit was relatively easy! (relatively). I cannot recommend his FAZE brand enough. I have the tools to train anywhere, on the subs, outside. The system works, I’m very grateful for all they’ve done for me. CAM is currently serving his country (and us) proud with the Royal Navy. STRUGGLING TO SHIFT THE BELLY? Our online and in person coaching could be your SOLUTION!


Why did I start with FAZE? I Needed shaking up and guidance, as I wasn’t getting results anymore. Training was quite stale and followed the same old routines. FAZE training gave me Insight into energy systems. Removed bad habits. I also learnt how the different types of training can help me achieve my specific goals. Results? I was able to see progress during the training, along with regular touch points and continuous engagement, rather than “Here’s a programme. See you at the next session”. I would recommend FAZE to guys of my age who have reached a stage where the training they used to do in their twenties is not cutting it – literally!




I have been training with JETHRO over the last 2 years. Before using the FAZE service I would go up in weight from 79 kg to 94 kg. Also my blood pressure and health was being badly affected. Since training with JETHRO I have seen my health normalize, also by body weight becomes manageable. Training is over a 12 week period, I follow the routines online, also have a weekly CHECK in over the phone. I highly recommend the FAZE services. I can train anywhere and reach my goals. I’M VERY THANKFUL! 94KG to 79 KG in just 16 weeks!!


I’ve trained with Jethro 2 times a week for the last couple of years, on the days that I train on my own he sends me a work out which means I just turn up and train. One of the reasons I like training with Jethro is that he is always mixing up the work out which keeps me on my toes. His knowledge and experience in this sector is better than any other trainer I’ve used, also I have a few historic injuries and Jethro always makes sure that they are taken into consideration and targets areas that allow me to constantly improve. Results? I’ve lost 10 kg, I’m also stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been before. I’m 37 now and I’m in better shape than what I was 10 years ago! I highly recommend the FAZE style of training to somebody that doesn’t have time to think about what to train next. Jethro makes it easy, just turn up smash out a quick efficient work out. Also having him booked twice a week keeps the commitment to fresh BODY WEIGHT FROM 98KG TO 86KG training with our FIT QUICK circuit system over 24 weeks ADVANCED. Looking to shape up that final aspect of your body? Maybe UNDER WEIGHT with low muscle mass? Our ONLINE and IN PERSON coaching could be your GAME CHANGER!


Training with Jethro completely changed my outlook on fitness and gave me much needed motivation. I chose to use Jethro’s service because although I know the look I wanted to achieve, my then current training style did not give me the results I needed. Jethro’s knowledge is varied and vast and this is as important as actually doing the training. I started with 2 sessions a week for 6 months, then reduced down to 1 session. Now 3 years on Jethro sends me regular check up emails alongside new workouts as he knows I know how to do them and do not always require him there with me. I am at the stage now where I can execute workouts and routines at the standard of a fitness coach. I have achieved the lean muscular look I was after and maintaining it with Jethros watching eye is easy. I would honestly recommended Jethros services to anyone, young or old, with a fitness background and those without. There are lots of PT’s out there who just put you through a workout for an hour. Training with Jethro is a lifestyle and he is always on hand to make sure you don’t slip up.


Down the years we have got some fantastic results. So much so that we now AWARD our top winners of our TRANSFORMATION challenge.

This Year’s Winner!!


Training is a LONG GAME. The most exciting thing for us as coaches is MOOD TRANSFORMATION. Watching a client WALK THROUGH BRICK WALLS, not stopping and build the desire!! Day 1 we are all nervous, with low confidence. Are you willing to take that first step?

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